Tool The Band 2014 Tour Dates

Tool the band is ready to kick off a tour in 2014. The concert dates will consist of a limited amount of concerts in the U.S and Canada. The Alternative metal from Los Angeles, California is their 10,000 days album that peaked at #1 on Billboard 200 in 2006 and sold over 3 million copies to date. The Grammy Award winning band is currently working on a new album. According to band Myspace page.

Tour itinerary below….

Tool The Band 2014 Tour Dates

The current band members are Maynard James Keenan ~ vocals,Adam Jones ~ guitarist, sitar; art direction,Justin Chancellor ~ bass guitarist and Danny Carey ~ drums, tabla, percussion. The next schedule venue in twenty-fourteen is noted below. The opening act or supporting act and set-list could vary throughout the North American tour stretch.

Tool The Band 2014 tour itinerary

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Tour Dates Pending…..

Tool – Lateralus – Video

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