Taylor Matthews: America’s Got Talent Semi-finals (Video,Review)

Taylor Matthews sings “Show Me What I’m Looking” in a live performance on America s Got Talent (AGT) season 5; 1st semifinal live show that consist of 12 contestants competing to advance to the finals. The 18 year old showman from Alexandria, Louisiana gave a good solid performance. The song was originated by Carolina Liar. Taylor Matthews fate depends on the millions of American viewers to advance.

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Taylor Matthews AGT SemiFinals 2010

Overall “Taylor performance was great considering he added the piano to the act. It’s changes his style a little but he was still nerves just hope he brings his” A” game in the finals because its going to be tough”

Taylor Matthews has capture American hearts by advancing to the top 10 and achieving one step closer to live the ultimate dream by winning the one million and get a headline show in Las Vegas? However there is some very competitive acts in season 5.

What did the Judges say?

Piers “You got to relaxed – but the nerves…”
Sharon ”I really enjoyed it – very natural”
Howie “You’re very good”

What America Thinks?

– Live video performance 1st Semifinal 2010

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