Susan Boyle: sings-Wild Horses-AGT-Finale(Vid,Pics)

Susan Boyle sings her single “Wild Horses” on America’s Got Talent (AGT) finale. The Britain’s Got Talent 48 year old superstar sensation releases her debut album,I Dreamed a Dream on November 24,2009.

Susan gave a unbelievable performance on AGT finale show. Wild Horses was done by the Rolling Stones originally in 1971. Susan Boyle has inspired people worldwide to never give up on their dream. The British singer first performance in U.S is a brilliant way to promote her upcoming album; I Dreamed a Dream. The show ended with the winner of America’s Got Talent 2009; Kevin Skinner a Ex Chicken Catcher from Mayfield, Kentucky that capture America hearts and winning AGT 2009. Some say that Kevin Skinner and Susan Boyle have similarities.

Susan Boyle AGT 2009 Finale
Here’s Susan Boyle video performance singing her first single “Wild Horses” on America’s Got Talent Finale Show September 16th 2009. Susan Boyle first U.S performance singing her first single Wild Horses on Americas Got Talent 2009 Finale