Rush 2017 Tour Dates..

The Rush band is ready to rock a tour in 2017. Rush 2017 Tour Dates this spring, summer, fall and winter will consist concerts throughout the United States, Canada, UK and Europe. The Canadian rock band will supporting their upcoming 19th studio album to be released sometime in 2012. The current members are Geddy Lee ~ lead vocals, bassist, keyboards, and guitarist; Alex Lifeson ~ guitarist and Neil Peart ~ drumist.

Tour itinerary below….

Rush Tour Dates

The band features schedule venues in twenty-sixteen is noted below.

Rush 2017 Tour itinerary:

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The opening act or supporting act could vary throughout tour stretch. The set-list will feature the album ‘Moving Pictures’ which was released in 1981 and some unreleased songs from their forthcoming new album. The progressive rock band is most known for songs like ‘Closer to the Heart’,’Subdivisions’,’Limelight’, ‘The Spirit of Radio’ and ‘Tom Sawyer’, In recent Rush band news they were inducted into Canadian Songwriters Hall Of Fame in March 2010. Rush say Canadian songwriters’ hall induction means more than Rock hall snub]

“It would matter a lot to our fans for us to have that validation. It doesn’t matter to me. I’ve got the success and respect that we’ve had, and the opportunity to do exactly what we wanted for 35 years, do we need them to make us feel better? No, not at all.

“Being in the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame, that’s 10 times – 100 times – more (important) than being in some critics’ list.”

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