Recycled-Percussion: Manchester-NH-AGT-Finals (Vid,Pics)

Recycled Percussion is just 4 guys from Manchester,New Hampshire recycling their way to the top on America’s Got Talent(AGT)2nd semi-final. The Van act was very unique;especially with the pounding of the van and the instruments. That was a wow type performance. These guys get all there instruments from the junkyard like pots, barrels, buckets, pans and trashcans, etc.

What’s unique about the group they play variation of all music. America needs Recycled Percussion to entertain the world with recycle material. Just a extraordinary group that use extraordinary objects. However their is some great competition on “America’s Got Talent” can the Recycled Percussion win the one million and get headline act in Las Vegas?

Recycled Percussion Americas Got Talent video,pics,bio

Piers “Entertaining”

Sharon “look great”

The Hoff ” Great act”

What America thinks?

Recycled Percussion from Manchester New Hampshire
Justin Spencer is the Band leader and also the percussionist/drummer.Ryan Vezina is the drummer also.Jimmy Magoon plays the electric guitar.Todd Griffin is the DJ and keyboard,vocalist,etc.
Justin Spencer,Ryan Vezina,Jimmy Magoon,Todd Griffin known as Recycled Percussion