Mary J Blige 2017 Tour Dates

Mary J. Blige is preparing to go on tour in 2017. Mary J. Blige 2017 tour dates will consist of a very limited amount of shows throughout the US and Canada. More confirmed concerts nearing. The 9 time Grammy Award Winning R&B artist is supporting her 9th studio album “Stronger with Each Tear” which was just re-released this year.

Tour itinerary below..

Mary J. Blige 2017 Tour Dates

Mary J. Blige 2017 Tour itinerary:

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Since the release of the new album Mary launched 5 singles “The One,”I Am”,Each Tear,”We Got Hood Love” and “Good Love”. The highly publicize new CD debuted at #2 on Billboard 200.The next schedule venue on the road in twenty-seventeen is noted below. The opening act or co-headliner and the set-list could vary throughout the North American tour stretch..

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