Limp Bizkit 2017 Tour Dates..

Limp Bizkit is ready to kick off the band’s tour in 2017. The concert tour dates this summer and fall will consist of a very limited amount shows concerts throughout the US, Canada and Europe. The band originated in Florida will be supporting their upcoming 5th studio album “Gold Cobra”.The current band members are Sam Rivers ~ bass; Fred Durst ~ vocals; DJ Lethal ~ turntables, keyboards; John Otto ~ drums, percussion and Wes Borland ~ guitarist.

Tour itinerary below….

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The first single off the new album is “Why Try” which was sited on the nu-metal band website.The next schedule venue in twenty-sixteen is noted below. Limp Bizkit is most known for their successful albums ‘Significant Other‘ and ‘Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water‘ the band have sold over 35 million records to date. The opening act or supporting act and set-list could vary throughout the world tour stretch.

Limp Bizkit 2017 Tour itinerary:

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– ‘Gold Cobra’, – Video

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