Jason Aldean 2017 Tour Dates..

Jason Aldean is set go on tour in 2017. The concert tour dates will consist of over 20 shows in the United States> and Canada so far. More confirmed dates nearing. Aldean is supporting his 5th studio album “Night Train” which was originally slated in 2012. The next schedule venues in twenty-sixteen…

Tour itinerary below….

Jason Aldean 2017 Tour Dates

Since the release of “Wide Open” the country singer has relinquish 3 singles “She’s Country”,”Big Green Tractor”,”The Truth” and a EP(Live Sessions) and video album(Wide Open Live & More). Also the new CD peaked at #2 on the Billboard Charts and reached platinum status. The opening act or supporting act and set-list could vary throughout the North American tour stretch.

“Wide Open” was the result of a focused song search. “We really took our time to find songs,” Aldean says. Having past hits helped open doors with publishers. “We had great songs on the first two records; we just had to work harder to find them.”

Jason Aldean 2017 Tour Itinerary:

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