Enrique Iglesias 2015 Tour Dates

Enrique Iglesias is set to go on tour in 2015. The concert dates will consist of very limted amount of shows in the United States, UK, Canada and Europe so far. More confirmed dates nearing in the future. The Grammy award winning Latin singer/songwriter/musician will be supporting his newly released 9th studio album ‘Euphoria’ which was released in 2010-2011.

Tour itinerary below…

Enrique Iglesias 2015 Tour Dates

“This album has everything. Is undoubtedly the most eclectic album I have ever done,” Iglesias said in a recent interview. With ‘Eurphoria,’ the Latin heartthrob hopes to please all of his fans

The next schedule venue in twenty-fifteen next stops noted below.. Enrique opening acts and supporting acts and set-list could vary throughout the world global tour stretch.

Enrique Iglesias 2015 Tour itinerary:

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– ‘I Like It (Feat. Pitbull)’ Video

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Thursday, November 26, 2015