Aretha Franklin 2017 Tour Dates

Aretha Franklin is preparing to go tour in 2017. The concert dates will consist of over 10 concerts so far in the United States. More confirmed dates nearing. The 18 time Grammy Award winning artist is supporting her forthcoming album “A Woman Falling Out Of Love” to be released in 2010; Release date unknown. The next schedule venue in twenty-sixteen is noted below.

Tour itinerary below..

Aretha Franklin 2017 Tour Dates

The singer/songwriter/pianist is known as “the Queen of Soul”. Aretha has a long list of accomplishments throughout her lengthy career dating back since 1967 with numerous singles and albums to top the Billboard charts. The opening act or supporting act and set list varies throughout the tour. The most recent major and historic event Aretha Franklin performed at was the 2009 Presidential Inauguration ceremony for Barack Obama.

Aretha Franklin 2017 Tour Itinerary:

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– ‘Everyday People’, – Video

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