American Military Spouses Choir: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – AGT – Bio, Audition

American Military Spouses Choir performs on America s Got Talent. The Military Wives ranging from age 20 to 56. The group sang “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” the lead vocalists and choir gave a excellent performance. American Military Spouses Choir has inspired America on AGT by advancing to Las Vegas.

The Military Wives formed about a year ago and put together by organization that uses Music therapy to treat PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). It was discovered that getting Music in the brains and ears of the soldiers that had been injured in the Battle field. The music therapy keeps the neurons firing to treat and minimize the after effect of those injuries according to the Military Wives on AGT Audition.

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US Military Wives Choir

Overall “American Military Spouses Choir gave a great performance. The vocal talent is amazing. The crowd and judges give them a standing ovation. The wives are getting together to help US soldiers (husbands) cope and treat injury and after effects from being out there in the battle field. ”

American Military Spouses Choir hopes to capture America hearts by achieving the ultimate dream by winning the one million and get a headline show in Las Vegas? However there is some very competitive acts in season 8.

What did the Judges say?

Howard ”We discover some great talent”

Mel B ”Lifted up there sprirts”

Hedi Klum “All your Husbands will be very proud of you ”

Howie “It’s so uplifting and emoitional”

What America Thinks?

American Military Spouses Choir Timeline:

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