Adele 2018 Tour Dates

Adele 2018 tour dates and upcoming concert schedule for 2018. Limited amount of Upcoming shows in United States, Canada, Europe and UK so far; the tour itinerary, tickets, opening acts, setlist + more.

Adele is the first artist to sell more than 3 million copies of an album in a year in the UK. The singer two albums and the first two singles from the hot album “21”, “Rolling in the Deep” and “Someone Like You” has topped the Billboard charts. The 27 year old soul, R&B, pop singer from Tottenham, England located in the UK will be supporting her new album “25” which will be released in November 2018. Her hit single “Hello” debut #1 on Billboard Hot 100.

Tour itinerary below..

Adele 2018 Tour Dates

Adele 2018 Tour itinerary:

Past or Present Tours:
An Evening with Adele [2008–09]
Adele Live [2011]
Adele Live 2018 [2018]

The hit single “Hello”, Adele was described as having “widespread appeal” and “unbelievable popularity”. Hugh McIntyre of Forbes Magazine called the songs sales “important”. McIntyre from Forbes stated that the single “Hello” was able to smash a sales record in a time when nobody is buying music anymore. Adele single has the ten biggest sales debut in the past 6 years. The world of music has change now by purchasing singles on iTunes or buying music through apps. Adele produce incredible numbers for debut single “Hello”. The buzz about Adele is in Uproar of popularity.

Adele’s “hello” breaking records on YouTube. During its first weekend online, the Adele song accumulated 50 million views, making it the biggest debut of any YouTube video in 2018. The video was earning over a million views an hour. All you can say is “WoW”. In only 5 days Adele’s Hello reached over 100 million views. Her highly anticipated album “25” that will be released in November 2018 should also reached another record. The “Hello” singer North American Tour and UK+Europe Tour could set records. Currently, the Adele 2018 tour is planned to tour venues across Europe and North America with a projected total of 105 concerts so far.

– ‘Hello’ – Video’

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